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Welcome to Appleblossom M.I. Limited

Appleblossom M.I. Limited is a professional human capital development; project management and consulting company specialized on Finland and the Nordic Countries. Appleblossom Limited believes in the power of the human mind and capacity to maximize its potentials in conducive environments.
Our solid expertise and hands-on attitude lead you and your company to successin the dynamic, fast-changing and challenging market.Appleblossom M.I Limited provides you extensive co-operation network and knowhow related to operational environment, language business and cultural communication to accelerate your interest, business development and partnership with Finland and the Nordic Countries.Our expert knowledge and reliable co-operation network ensure achieving results fast and cost-efficiently.


Our Mission

Appleblossom M.I. Limited is committed to providing high quality service in the education, lifestyle, and tourism sector with unique, and customized service to clients and a full guarantee of an awesome customer service experience;

We are committed to providing flexible and tailored services that places priority on client satisfaction.

Appleblossom M.I. Limited engages in best practice and environmental sustainability as well as development of the host communities where operations are based.

Our Vision

To be a trusted brand name for Excellence, service delivery, client satisfaction and innovation


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Clients feedback

I will like to reiterate that the Appleblossom team was very helpful in facilitating a B2B partnership between our company and some companies in Finland.I am grateful to you guys for helping us to achieve this important goal.

Kolade Dairo. MD , Capital Metropolis Synergy Ltd

Kolade Dairo. MD , Capital Metropolis Synergy Ltd

"The direction of strategic research also paralleled a major paradigm shift in how companies competed, specifically a shift from the production focus to market focus."

Paul Haris. Founder, Red circle

Paul Haris. Founder, Red circle

"Formulation of strategy involves analyzing the environment in which the organization operates, then making a series of strategic decisions about how the organization will compete. Formulation ends with a series of goals or objectives and measures for the organization to pursue"

Sarah Dixon, CEO- Invetex Inc

Sarah Dixon, CEO- Invetex Inc